Day – 1 Bogota Routine

Now safely in Colombia for the 5th time since 2007 immediately did the first thing most exciting to me at that moment. I slept.

As I woke up later still in time to catch some daylight I continued my day-1 Bogota routine. This routine consists of first walking to Crepes y Waffles which while just a chain restaurant, is absolutely delicious.

It's probably best known for the presentation of its deserts.

Day - 1 Bogota Routine

But I typically order a waffle with either hot chocolate sauce, white chocolate, or arrequipe (Colombian version of dulce de leche) along with a cup of strong coffee.  Plus the complementary chocolate covered coffee bean completely sweetens the deal. This time  I suffered because of my poor accent. My Spanish accent is so bad that when I asked for a waffle with white chocolate I recieved a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows.

First part of the routine interruptedDay - 1 Bogota Routine

Next part is a stop at Juan Valdez around 10 blocks away past the colonial buildings of downtown Bogota. No matter how many times I do this walk I never bore.

So once at Juan Valdez i'll buy a large tinto (word for plain coffee) in this exact location where I sit outside and just stare dumbfounded that I am back in probably my favorite city in the world.

Day - 1 Bogota Routine

I then continue walking the streets until I reach Plaza Bolivar where I take a seat on the large steps amazed that each new time I visit the plaza has been decorated different. This time with ants wtf?

I finally end my stroll around downtown as it becomes dark and make my way back to hostel sue where I am greeted by the staff calling out my name.

Day - 1 Bogota Routine

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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