Day Dreaming Holidays

London is cold. There is no doubt about this. It's also dreary. Sunlight comes across like a chance encounter with someone you know that you had no intention of seeing ever again. And the sun goes down before four. That's right. Four.


So I'm thinking about taking a vacation(s). I can't help but think of sunny climates and beaches when I'm here in London, and since I'm here I guess instead of vacations I should call them holidays

. So as I sit looking out my window at either the gray of the day or the black of the night, I start to daydream about the places I've been, and the places I want to go to. South America is always a good place to escape the winter. It's so far though, and I'll be going back to Colombia soon enough. I need something closer to day dream about.

A lot of Brits go to Spain on holiday. I could do that, I like Spain, even though they're Spanish is so much more difficult to understand than the Paisa Espanol I know and love.

But Spain has the Canary Islands. Which I loved and wanted to see more of. I could totally go back there, maybe see more islands this time, have more than one holiday, have a whole series of canaries holidays

. I never made it to El Hierro, and so many people described it in reverent tones. It is a Biosphere reserve, with some of the most beautiful nature in the world. It's the smallest Canary Island, and it has one small village and a landing strip they call the airport. For a long time it was considered the edge of the world, the last known spot sailors saw before they ventured out to battle whatever mythological beasts and curses lay beyond civilization.

I want go there. The edge of civilization. As much as I like London, sometimes it seems a bit too civilized. But you need civilization when it's cold and dark all the time. When you're in the sun with beautiful nature all around, civilization seems downright savage.

Jason Bartoli

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