Delays and Cancellations: A Traveller’s Nightmare

Delays and Cancellations: A Traveller’s Nightmare

I recently came back from a relaxing holiday in Corfu where the weather was great, the scenery was stunning and I over-indulged on food and drink slightly (as we all do) and am now starting my ‘post-holiday detox’ as I like to call it. I planned my trip with a traveling guide

and the help of locals once there.


However, what was not so nice was my return journey back home. What started out as a smooth transfer from my hotel after getting all packed up and ready to leave, ended up being a six-hour delay in the early hours of the morning. What you would call a living nightmare perhaps. For six hours, I made myself comfy on two rock-hard metal chairs and tried to get as much sleep as I could, which was not particularly successful.

Luckily for us, our flight was one out of three that was not cancelled, and there were hundreds of people around us who were preparing for an even longer night on the cold hard floor of the box-airport in Corfu. Once I arrived home later than expected I started to think what you could do to prevent spending a night on an airport floor. Now I know the little airport in Corfu had only one café and not much else, but to prevent being stuck in an airport in England overnight, why not check into an airport hotel?


Not only would this cover the horrible lengthy delays airlines inflict on us, or even worse cancellations, as a precautionary measure, but it also makes the beginning of your holiday run more smoothly and starts your holiday a day earlier than expected!

Whether it’s a room in one of the Stansted airport hotels, one of the Birmingham airport hotels or one of the many other airport hotels dotted around the country, with most of them boasting swimming pools, health spas, restaurants and bars you could spend the evening before your departure relaxing and enjoying all the facilities the hotel has to offer. And how great would this be if your flight was cancelled and you could just check into your room and enjoy all this while you wait for your flight to be rescheduled?

And – for you travelers who are looking for lots to do on your very own Corfu holidays

­– with both airports only short journeys away from London you could spend a day out in one of the world’s greatest cities. And you can do all this before your holiday has even begun! You can check-in feeling relaxed and in no rush, as most are only ten minutes away from the terminal, ready to tackle duty free head on!

So book an airport hotel now so you don’t have to endure six hours ‘asleep’ on a metal chair as I did!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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