Destination: Niagra Falls

Destination: Niagra Falls



Once touted as a prime honeymoon destination for Canadians and Americans alike, this region fell out of favor a bit in the recent past, but I’m happy to report that it has come back with a vengeance.

If you’ve never been to this delightful destination you should definitely reconsider that, as Niagra Falls has a lot to offer the traveler any time of the year.


Destination: Niagra Falls

The Canadian side of Niagra Falls is of course famous for its casino action, and always has bee. From the classic Casino Niagra to the convenient Seneca Niagra Resort and Casino to the massive Fallwell (Canada’s largest), you can find a little bit of everything for every taste in Niagra Falls. And when you’re too tired to even leave your hotel room, just click here.



The Niagra Falls restaurant scene is really great because it’s not like some other destinations that just focus on fine dining (often not as fine as it’s touted to be). Here, there is a little bit of something for everyone. You can definitely find haute cuisine here, but you can also go out and grab a pie at one of the many excellent pizzerias (little known fact, Canadians LOVE pizza). Donatello’s and Mario’s are definitely local favorites.

Also don’t forget to check out the Red Coach Inn, which is truly a Niagra Falls landmark, and the Griffin Gastropub if you do fancy some gourmet fare.

Wine Country:

It’s not a very well-known fact, but the Niagra region is famous for its wines. People have even called this area the Napa Valley of Canada, and it produces some very fine vintages in its own right.

Especially famous is the ice wine that comes from this region, it’s a very late harvest with a unique flavor; it’s considered a dessert wine, it’s generally a 7 or 8 so some people consider it a dessert all by itself!

The Falls Themselves:

Destination: Niagra Falls

Obviously, you are going to go here if you’ve come all this way. No one in their right mind would walk away without gazing upon one of the natural wonders of the world. And yes, what everybody says is true, in case you are wondering. The Canadian side is definitely better.

Be sure to check the schedule for when they are going to be having laser shows

; the smart thing to do is to time your visits to the falls to coincide with these, and watch the best of nature interact with the best of man-made.



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