Dining in Panama, from the Street to the Hotel

Dining in Panama, from the Street to the Hotel

Panama is an exotic destination that serves many desires, but one of the finest pleasures is the food. Whilst the theme is mostly Latin, it also depends heavily on indigenous vegetables and fruit. There is also a wide variety of seafood, and the range of meat is more or less anything that can be put on a skewer.

Places to Look for Great Panamanian Food

Naturally, Panama has a wide variety of restaurants ranging from fine dining in hotels like the Veneto

to home style cooking. One of the more eclectic ways of eating is to grab something to eat on the go. The time of day will change what your choice will be, in the morning it tends to be fruit and then you can feat upon tortillas, meats and plantains, among many other things. The nice thing is the variety and the bizarre new choices you can make. It is actually possible to purchase a whole iguana, although this is not really street food as it needs to be cooked.

Dining in Panama, from the Street to the HotelTaking a Bite

The total spread of comestibles available makes it so that you are hard pressed to not find something you like. Most is well spiced and meat based but it’s all so fresh that the enjoyment is palpable. Depending on where you are, and whatever your mood is you can have anything from steak cooked in a barbecue on the street to a load of mini crabs strung together, bought from a vendor near one of the many beautiful Panama beaches

. The desserts like churros are delightful, and the best thing is everything is handheld and easy to eat on the move, so you can enjoy the sights and experiences of the country whilst giving your taste buds a treat.



Partaking in local cuisine is an essential part of really experiencing a culture, and thankfully, in Panama, it’s an enjoyable pursuit.

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