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Directly from Israel…er, the Internet…to You!

Thank god for the internet. I say this a lot in my day to day life, like when I need to find my way around London and can pull out my smartphone to find maps, or when I Skype with friends back home, or when I need to watch all my favorite American TV shows that I'm missing.

But today I am thankful for the part of the internet that lets me buy stuff. Because as much as I try to buy presents for people while I travel, I am actually quite bad at it.

It's not that I'm not thoughtful. I think about things to get my parents and siblings. It's just that I have a very bad habit of assuming I will see something better before I leave. Then, when I do mean to buy people things, I do it at the very last minute, get frustrated at not being able to find anything, and give up/ buy something horrible. ("Here I got you a DVD of your favorite American TV show….from a Colombian street vendor!")

That's pretty much what happened to me during my last trip to Israel. I saw so many things to get my sister, but I put it off and put it off, and on the last day, before heading to the airport. I frantically raced through a Tel Aviv market, not finding anything. Finally, I gave up, feeling guilty about being a bad brother.

But today I bought this on-line:  http://www.alefbet.com/product433.html


It's a two tone Jewish star necklace, and it looks like something my sister would love to wear on one of her J-dates. I think she'll like it. And am I going to tell her I got it in Israel and have been waiting to give it to her? No, I wouldn't lie to her. But I also am not going to tell her I didn't get it in Israel. I might answer her ambiguously if she asks me about where I got it, and if she wants to assume I got it in Israel, then that's not my fault.

I am going back to Israel in February, and this time I'm going to take some time to buy real gifts. If I get you something, it will definitely be from there. Or the internet. But I'll buy it from an Israeli IP address.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

"Jason is the best person you'll ever meet here. He's just a ray of sunshine. An adventurer, businessman, and has a 4.9 Uber rating. Lovely person inside and out. I say, go message him" - My Mom

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