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I discovered a cool new way to cover by behind on a car trip!

Nothing says “freedom” like a set of your own wheels to tour the countryside with! If you’ve got an itch for a road trip, you may be facing some of the same considerations I was recently – namely, how to borrow or rent a car and get short term insurance coverage. Sure, no one wants to think about those kinds of things, but the goal here is financially sustainable travel – and it doesn’t take much of a traffic scrape to blow that perfectly balanced budget right out the window! So Something had to be done.

They are perfect for keeping everyone safe and insured in short rem situations like a trip! You can insure yourself to drive someone else’s car, or someone else to drive your car. Coverage is instant and you just have to be over 19. I don’t know what I would do without Insure Daily!

Wikipedia says “It is an offense to use a car, or allow others to use it, without… insurance

“, and rightfully so! But what then for us travelers who don’t own a vehicle? Problem solved!
Maybe now it will be a little easier to convince granny to lend you that Benz she never drives – and a little easier to sleep knowing you can have your fun and be covered for liability.

And hey, once you’re covered, take a spin on B3135 from Cheddar to Ashwick, and tell me how much fun you had 🙂 Now there is a pristine stretch of tarmac. With tight, walled turns, rolling terrain and a brilliant view of the Somerset countryside, you’ll be glad not to be taking the bus! Just 10 miles from the center of Ashwick you can take hot air balloon rides!

For another fun road trip idea, see what these folks did over at the BBC

, tracking down cool antiques in their beautiful little roadster. Who says old folks can’t have fun??


Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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