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Don’t Let Getting to the Airport Ruin the Miracle of Flight

To paraphrase the comedian Louis C.K., flying is a miracle. We can travel anywhere in the world in hours. That is truly incredible. I always try to remember that complaining about airplane food or uncomfortable seats really is pathetic whining when I remember that my ancestors came to the United States crammed in steerage in a boat that took months to cross the Atlantic. They probably just ate salt pork. (I don’t even know what that is.) And I get upset because I can’t charge my laptop on a rocket flying over the ocean. I am so spoiled.

That being said, it seems like the hardest part of about flying can be actually getting to the airport. Here is my advice about getting to the airport:

Never, ever, use a cab if you are traveling by yourself. It’s just not worth it. When you consider price per mile, taxis are way more expensive than flying through the air, which makes no sense. Always use airport parking

. I know you think it might be expensive, but more and more airport parking lots have an online presence that allows for great deals. I know my friend recently flew out of Heathrow, and he spent less on parking then he would have getting to and from the airport by using Heathrow airport parking. Parking at Gatwick is just as easy and convenient.


So next time you are going to soar through the sky in a way that millions of humans throughout history have only dreamed of, don’t let the inconvenience of getting to that magical alter of heavenly transportation detract from the wonder of flight. Just park your car and enjoy.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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