Your Dream Paris Vacation on a Budget

Your Dream Paris Vacation on a Budget


Every person outside of Paris have dreamt, if not is still dreaming, of seeing this enchanting city of romance and grandeur. Inspiring, intimate, cultural, and global. It is a city of many adjectives, all of which a reason for all kinds of travelers.

Whatever your reason for visiting is, one adjective you can’t do away with, is “expensive”. Paris has the second highest cost of living in the world

, running a close fight with Singapore.

However, don’t let this get you down. If you dream of visiting Paris, you can still enjoy it without compromising comfort because you are scrimping on cost. Here are some ways to enjoy Paris on a budget.

Transport: Book Ahead

Many travelers already know that transatlantic airfare has become massively more expensive in recent years due to economic conditions and fuel hikes. Even trains can be expensive. The only way to get around it is to book early, especially if you’re coming from anywhere outside Europe.

Old trick in the book. Book Low Season.

The city of light is beautiful all year round. You may be tempted to come on the peak months of summer or spring. While the weather is beautiful and warm, you have to remember that many others will feel the same and it can get congested and touristy.

Amazing Accommodations for Less

While Paris has hundreds of hotels ranging from the glitzy to the plain, there is no reason for you to play roulette with your accommodations anymore. These days you can book your accommodations online and find out exactly what to expect from it. Gone are the days of the accommodation stereotype that you need to book an expensive hotel to feel luxurious comfort. Many websites like

provide options for renting apartment rentals in Paris, which have become a new and popular option. It will save you the trouble of renting a cheap hotel and instead get you something comfortable and relaxing. It also could be equipped with a full kitchen, ensuites, or whatever your heart desires for less money.

Sightseeing in Paris on a Budget

Many people might think that Paris on a budget might mean staying in your hotel, but that is not true at all! Despite being known for luxury and grandiose, Paris has many free museums and events that can entertain even the most budgeted of tourists. The most impressive architectural attractions and monuments are also for free, just like the famous Notre Dame

. You can also find discount passes that will bundle tourist attractions into your budget.

Don’t let small funds discourage you from trying to visit and enjoy Paris. All it takes is a little bit of preparation and budgeting, and you’d be able to tick off this must-see destination from your bucket list.

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