Dreams and Goals: Mauritius

I’m constantly looking for new destinations for adventures, and the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has skyrocketed to the top of my to-do list. Located off the Eastern coast of Madagascar, Mauritius is an irresistible combination of clear waters, warm beaches, and hot nightlife. My friends at The Turquoise Holiday Company

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The first Mauritius city to catch my eye was Grand Bay, the biggest tourist attraction on the island. But don’t worry about feeling like a tourist, it’s also where the locals go to party, because it contains the biggest concentration of bars, restaurants, and clubs. If you feel like spending some money on souvenirs, clothes, and other items to show off to the neighbors at home, the Caudan Waterfront allows a stroll through the finest shops the island has to offer, as well as arcades, movie theater, and the island’s main harbor to do some fishing.

Over on the other side of the island, there’s the colorful Flacq Market, the largest open-air market in the nation. As a bargain shopper, and a dude that loves to haggle, this is a must-shop. After you’ve gotten the best price you can, you can enjoy the waterslides at Waterpark Leisure Village, or visit the Grand River South East waterfalls in… wait for it, this part is awesome… an actual pirate ship! That’s right, among the many yachts and catamarans that depart from Trou-d’Eau Douce village, there are re-created pirate ships to let me get my Jack Sparrow on.
Port Louis, Mauritius

I haven’t even mentioned half of the options the island has to offer! When I’m planning out my 2013 travel destinations, Mauritius is making the top of my list, and it should be the top of yours, too.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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