Dubai: Traveler's Heaven

Dubai: Traveler’s Heaven

It’s name alone conjures scenes of grandiose luxury and elegance. Dubai

. Anytime I hear this I can’t help but picture magnificent skyscrapers shining, rising above the amber horizon. And though I’ve never been to the U.A.E., I feel a certain connection with this destination as a traveler



To me, at least, the city has always represented what I imagine a travelers Heaven would look like. It’s a bustling metropolis

so different than any I’ve visited  in terms of architecture, geology, and culture, that it almost doesn’t seem real. Rather, Dubai exists in my mind as a type of abstraction; the ultimate destination. No matter what continent I happen to find myself on, any time hear the word “Dubai” I can’t help but wish I was there.


While Dubai still sits atop my list of cities to visit before I die, that doesn’t mean it should remain on the top of yours. So, while you start packing your bags, check out the top attraction Dubai has to offer. That’s right, this week I will be writing about only one attraction, but after you see it you’ll realize why I’ve dedicated so much space to it. And feel free to let your mind explore the images of  majesty and elegance this attraction demands. I know I will.

Burj Al Arab

This is the most spectacular hotel in the entire world. As a traveler, I realize the gravity of that sentiment. It’s a bold call to make, but after you see it, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way (and you might even apologize for doubting it in the first place). It’s one of the world’s tallest hotels, and by a large margin, the least subtle. But let’s face facts here: if you plan to travel to Dubai, you’re not going for subtlety.


Boasting an incredible architectural design, inlayed gold-leaf exteriors, as well as a literal fleet of Rolls Royces, a stay here certainly isn’t cheap. But here’s a trick for non-millionaires looking to experience the high-life (or as I should call it, the highest-life). Book a table at one of the hotel restaurants and you’ll get to dine like James Bond for a fraction of the cost.

And if you’re looking to save even more on your trip, check out these discounted Dubai holidays


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