Earth Networks and WeatherSTEM: Our Partnership

Earth Networks and WeatherSTEM: Our Partnership


With 20 years of specialized experience, Earth Networks is dedicated to keeping the world’s companies and organizations safe from severe weather conditions. In addition, we aim to educate young minds about hazardous weather alerts through our vast global network of products and services.

Bringing Weather into Your Lesson Plan

Earth Networks is proud to have partnered with Weather stem

to enhance the learning experience of children inside of the classroom. WeatherSTEM is an intelligent network of weather stations, which is collected and passed out through atmospheric data, then integrated into a STEM-based learning curriculum designed specially for grades K through 12. More than 1,700 schools worldwide use Earth Networks’ weather-driven curriculum to increase critical thinking and analytical reasoning in kids and teens.

This learning tool is one of a kind because it enables students to study a wide array of atmospheric, agricultural, and meteorological concepts. This tool lets them learn about the world by utilizing weather data and observations directly from students’ own weather station at school.


Benefits of WeatherSTEM

  • Allows students to comparatively scrutinize collected weather data to support and inform theories and concepts in subjects such as biology, chemistry, math, and physics
  • Enables students to see how weather plays a major role on the physical world through real-time reports
  • Collaborates on solutions to the globe’s most vital environmental issues

Earth Networks’ Weather Station Comes with School Spirit

Earth Networks’ intelligent solar-powered unit is personalized with your school’s colors and logo and can be seamlessly installed in a vast variety of locations. It measures local weather conditions every minute.

With Earth Networks

and WeatherSTEM

, you can provide your students with an engaging and informative experience that can teach them about weather across numerous subjects and theories.

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