best mild cigars for beginners

Great Mild Cigars for Beginners After The Coronavirus

Experienced cigar smokers during pandemic times are particular about the brand, age, tobacco wrapper, and construction. We have so much time on our hands as the coronavirus plays out to pinpoint the top mild cigars to buy in 2021.

We say that newcomer cigar smokers should start with mild cigars and grow to other cigar options. This advice is helped lots of beginner cigar smokers enjoy a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience. To help you choose the right mild cigars, we have compiled the best and readily available mild cigars for you. 

Best mild cigars for beginners in 2021

Just stick with what you prefer once you’ve found the best among these mild cigars. If you’re a man that likes variety, then think about one or two more cigars to add and stick with them. Don’t rush your smoking experience to darker cigars too quickly. Take your time instead of sampling the best cigars as a beginner.

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1 – Ashton Classic

The Ashton Classic cigar is a great cigar for starters. This cigar is tasteful and mild. Perfect for starters. This cigar is seen as one of the best, and it’s also popular for puffing it over a few hours. Ashton Classic has excellent velvety smoothness, suitable for beginner cigar lovers. As Mark Twain says, “It has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain when awake.” 

2 – Macanudo Cafe

The Macanudo Cafe cigar is perhaps one of the most readily available mild cigars you can readily find at the cigar shop. You are sure to find Macanudo Cafe in nearly every local or online retail cigar shop you can find around the internet. You can also find this cigar in national chains that carry mild cigars in large capacity. This product has been around for some time. It has been treated by many as the way to get the job done for beginner cigar smokers.

3 – La Aroma de Cuba

Nicaragua has become one of the well-known producers of many of the most popular and Cubanesque tobacco today. The renowned legendary cigar producer called Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia has reengineered the profile of a popular Cuban release around the 1800s, La Aroma de Cuba, in a world of its own. This awesome cigar is mild, and the most recommended for newbies.

4 – Romeo Julieta Reserva Real

This cigar has its origin in Cuba. The Romeo Julieta Reserva Real needs no introduction in the premium tobacco world. It is widespread, and many cigar aficionados depend on mild cigars for their relaxation and a fun experience. Some pros have stuck with it for years. It’s is mild but tasteful with a great aroma to go with. It’s also an excellent choice as one of the best cigars for beginners

5 – Arturo Fuente

For Dominican cigars, the Arturo Fuente is considered the premier cigar brand globally. Arturo Fuente hails from Latin America and is an excellent recommendation for any beginner smoker who wants a mild cigar with the class to go with. This cigar has set a benchmark for style, aroma, and flavor.

6 – Padron

Padron is for you if you’re a newcomer cigar smoker that prefers a mild cigar that is out of the ordinary but classy and tasteful. If you want a black and mild cigar with a good reputation to it, then Pardon is just for you.

cigars for beginners

Try any of these cigars and find the one that suits you well. When you find it stay with it and grow from there with these cigars for beginners. You don’t have to smoke everything that comes your way. Just stay with what works well for you.

Some of these mild cigars may not work for you, and we even wrote how to avoid cigar sickness’ for beginner smokers. Don’t worry, move your tongue to the next one. While all of the examples above are all mind the aroma or taste may be a put-off. Just move on to the next one.

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