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The travelers in Colombia can make anyone who has been to Colombia for more than a few days lose their mind. I say this only because Colombia’s situation is brought up non-stop whether I am unfortunately involved in the conversation or can hear others talking about FARC, Paramilitaries, Pablo Escobar, how much the country has changed, how its still actually dangerous, etc. The only thing I don’t mind being talked about repeatedly is the beautiful women but that’s actually a subject that cannot be ignored.

Nevertheless, a good 3 weeks ago while in Medellin I took a “Pablo Escobar Tour”. You guys reading might actually find this interesting because you may not have been to Colombia where you would hear people talk about Colombia hourly. For reference he was arguably the most powerful, wealthiest, and dangerous men to ever live. Read for yourself.

Me next to some kind of Catholic shrine hitmen would pray at before going to kill a target

Pablo Escobar graffiti found at one of his old headquarters that was bombed many years ago. What is most hilarious is the graffiti which pair him in a prepago body. A prepago is a uniquly Colombian slang referring to prepaid girls as the terminology for fine whores, but in reality they are prostitutes.

The house Escobar hid at the last few weeks of this life.

Confiscated planes used to transport drugs

Pablo Escobar’s view of Medellin from the grave

His grave

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