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Everyday "Photos" Found In Israel

At first I was going to focus this post on interesting advertising I found in Israel. Instead, i’m including murals and even dubbed TV because I know you will just die after seeing this completely out of place Lil’ Wayne mural. I saw this beauty while riding my bike along Tel Aviv’s waterfront. After passing by it every day I found myself looking forward to the quick laugh. Its just absurd.

I like this mural because I get to play out a fantasy of what it was like back in the day. Well,

Back in the day I used to buy bread from a little girl wearing bedsheets while older women carried baskets of fruit on their head. To right of me there’s some hippy playing a flute.

The Simpson’s are very normal. But Arabic looks so cool and slightly out of place in Israel.

Onto advertisements this company seems to know its target market quite well. These stickers are strategically placed in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, a touristy area with lots of foreign Jewish tourists.

Quite the opposite we have the concert adverts found in any big city.

I don’t know what decade this is from nor what it says but the guy just looks like an Israeli Borat.

Israeli Pizza

I don’t know what this says either but i’m thinking some company found a way to turn humans into those famous grass pets.

I hope nobody is still reading. I thought this sign looked badass so I had to take a photo. I was so distracted by taking the photo at the perfect angle that I tripped over the spykes!

Try naming all the figures in this mural? If you can leave a comment because i’m guessing none of you can.

Last off is a painting of a religious guy. I swear I saw this exact looking person dozens of time during my month in Israel.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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