Arizona's Grand Canyon travel destination

What to Expect from a Grand Canyon Adventure Holiday

The Grand Canyon is somewhere that everybody should travel to at some point in their lives. The magnificent canyon in Arizona is one of the seven natural wonders on the planet and will take your breath away due to its sheer size and stunning beauty. In addition to the giant canyon, the surrounding area in the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a great place for an adventure holiday.


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. Here is what you can expect to experience when you visit this amazing part of America:

arizona's top travel attraction the grand canyon

Awesome Views

The main attraction of the Grand Canyon is the jaw-dropping views that you are treated to of the canyon and the surrounding area. The sheer size of the canyon makes for a humbling moment as you survey the surrounding area – the canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and has a depth of over a mile.



There are many great hiking trails around the Grand Canyon

which will provide lovely views of the canyon itself, as well as the surrounding area. The South Rim is the easiest and has popular paths like the Rim Trail and the North Kaibab Trail. As a fun alternative, you can also explore the South Rim on mule trips for a more unique experience.


River Rafting

River rafting down the Colorado River will provide an alternative viewpoint of the canyon and will satisfy any adrenaline seeking holiday-maker. There are different experiences available depending on your rafting experience level.


Helicopter Tour

The helicopter tours are very popular and this is for good reason. They provide incredible panoramic views of the entire area and allow you to soar high about the canyon. Not only this, but the helicopters can take you down to the very bottom – this provides an entirely different viewpoint that is just as dramatic. In most cases, these tours will also explore the surrounding area too.


Wildlife Viewing

With such amazing natural surroundings, you will also find all kinds of beautiful animals as you explore the park. This could include elk, bighorn sheep, the Kaibab squirrel, mule deer and the hog-nosed skunk.


The Grand Canyon is a truly breathtaking sight to behold and it will be a moment that you forever cherish. In addition to the outstanding views, there is plenty more to see and explore in this area which makes it ideal for an adventure holiday.

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