Exploring Rio

First off, the subway station’s in Rio are pretty neat.

The hostel’s can be great places to meet new friends. There’s a bar and hot tub on the roof where most people hang out. At around 8 it starts getting busy. Some nights there are bbq’s. At around 1, the bar closes and we all go out.

Here we are on the roof

And some Scottish friends

Pao De Azucar or Sugurloaf mountain provides some of the best views of Rio. It is also one of Rio’s most popular tourist attractions.

The journey to Sugarloaf began as I took a public bus to the location where the cable car up to Sugarloaf meets.

Then I got to the top for some nice views.

I could see most of Rio from up here, including its famous beaches

I even got to pass the time with monkeys that like to hang around the tourists since we enjoy feeding them and they like to eat.

More cool views

For the price of a round trip ticket from Philly to Rio, some tourists can ride around Rio in a helicopter like this one.

I like to get my picture taken in cool places.

Another day, I visited Santa Theresa, a beautiful part of Rio as its a big neighborhood built on the hills. Most of the buidings are colonial as you can see. All of this makes the neighboorhood and its views very worthwhile.

One way to visit is on the Bonde, a sort of train that navigates up and down Santa Theresa.

This is the Bonde.

As I was saying, the views are pretty.


Who would drive a pink car?

g style=”cursor: pointer; width: 400px;” src=”http://photos-c.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v290/26/92/14227408/n14227408_36705026_4691.jpg” alt=”” border=”0″ />

Pretty nice.

If any of you have been to San Francisco and ridden the trolley there, its pretty similar. People like to hang on the outside of the car, just as I did on the way back.

I told you all about the futbol, the beach, and the incredible train ride. But now it’s time to share everything else I have been doing here in Rio.

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