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Fabulous Las Vegas: Sin City

Ah, fabulous Las Vegas

. Even if you’ve never been to this strange city, you know what it represents. Las Vegas is sin incarnated. And by “sin” I mean the good kind. You know the kind. The “stay out till five in the morning after spending all night at the casino” kind of sin. The fun kind of sin. And that’s really what this city is: FUN.


But before I do, I must stress this once again: if you want to have fun on your vacation, you simply need to visit Las Vegas. The entire city was built on just that! Luckily for me, I got to stay at the Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas

 last year for a friend’s bachelor party, Hangover-style. While our night might not have been as crazy, it certainly wasn’t boring.

Now, Las Vegas might not be the perfect place to take the whole family for a week of fun

. You don’t need me to tell you that. So let’s skip the formalities, shall we? What I am here to tell you about two of the most sinful attractions in the United States.



Just because you can’t bring the kids along, doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to feel like one. The Stratosphere is the tallest building in Nevada, but that’s not what’s important about it. There are taller buildings out there. But most of them don’t feature  a trio of white-knuckle thrill rides at their summit. Good news, Travelers: this one does.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is undoubtably the most famous casino in all of Sin City. There are very few other casinos in the world that can match the elegance and atmosphere offered at Caesars Palace. The big draw? The casino, of course. Let’s face it, Vegas thrives on gambling, so it will be hard to avoid it during your stay. Not to worry though, because if you’re gambling at Caesars Palace, you’ll feel as though you are the star of your very own super-spy thriller.

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