About the front page featured posts

The latest 8 posts are featured on the home page in 2 columns of 4.

These features consist of 3 elements. 1. An image associated with the post 2. The post title, 3. the post excerpt.

Clicking either the title or the image links the visitor to the full post.

How each element is defined

The post title – This will simply be the name you set for the post

The post image – The first image used in the post will be used on the front page unless over ridden, to over ride this, add a custom field entitled ‘frontpagethumbnail’ to a post, under ‘value’ enter the url of the desired image (see screenshot below).

About the front page featured posts

to avoid distortion, crop the images to 375x150px

The post excerpt – This will be the first 150 characters of the post unless a post excerpt is included when writing the post.