Finding the Perfect Caribbean Holiday

Finding the Perfect Caribbean Holiday

For many of us, the idea of heading off to the Caribbean for a sun, sea and sand holiday is what we dream about.  Lying by the pool, exploring the luscious islands, maybe adding a little snorkelling into the bargain.  Sometimes it can be easy to forget that there is more to the Caribbean than just the traditional beach holiday and here I am going to look at a few inspirational ideas.

The Bermuda Triangle


One of my friends is a UFO fan and if you mention the Bermuda Triangle, he will start talking about all sorts of strange stuff.  But there is another side the area around Bermuda and that is the environmental research carried out there.  One idea for an unusual holiday idea I stumbled on was going on an 11-day sailing and research adventure around the Triangle with a professional crew.

Part of it is learning about the ecology of the area as well as about sailing a boat, weather currents and safety.  There’s even the chance to get a Yacht Training certificate during the journey.  While it might not be one to take the kids, for the lone travellers looking for a new experience, it certainly sounds fascinating.  And keep an eye out to the skies for the other, extra-terrestrial locals while you are there!

Ultimate luxury


Most of us will admit to looking to the rich and famous with just a little touch of envy, wishing we could share their lifestyle, even for a week  as research carried out by Schofields

 has shown is possible.  If you are looking for the Caribbean holiday of a lifetime, then the chance to rent Sir Richard Branson’s home away from home in the Caribbean can now be considered.

Necker Island

can accommodate up to 30 guests so is great for a big family holiday or group trip.  There’s plenty to do on the island too, though just sitting in Sir Richard’s living room and soaking up the atmosphere may do the job.

Food lovers’ favourite


My cousin is a chef and all he talks about when he isn’t at work is food.  Therefore, the most important thing to him about any holiday is what kind of food he is going to get.  And he loves to try anything so visiting some of the food lovers spots around the Caribbean would be ideal for him.

Anguilla personifies the change from a random series of local dishes to a firmly established cuisine, which is what has happened in the Caribbean in recent years.  Top chefs from around the world now work in the resorts, hotels and restaurants around the islands and Anguilla boasts more than a few.  There is even a resort dedicated to learning the art of fine cuisine along with four gourmet restaurants.

If you are really brave, try the Moruga Scorpion from Trinidad, the world’s hottest chilli pepper.  Rated as the same heat as 400 jalapeños it isn’t for the faint hearted but if you love a good challenge, go for it.

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