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First Landing State Park If You Must

As I explained in a previous article Virginia Beach is a bust.

That is not to say I did not have fun because the truth is we made the most out of it by celebrating the trashiness and also trying to get as far away as we could. That is why we went to First Landing State Park

by the Chesapeake Bay. The only reason this place is special is because it was the place of the first landing in the New World on April 16, 1607. Otherwise, its just a foresty beach area.

After parking our rental car in the deserted car park we set off for the great unknown. We walked down along the beach for a while staring at jelly fish washed ashore.

When a place is so ordinary you need to try hard to have fun. That’s where the jumping photos came into play. Fail.


Then we found this really cool parking lot. Virginia is boring. We are not.

Look at all the weird photos we took. But Virginia was even weirder. I do not even know what I am saying at this point.

Okay, the park was a little fun. You see that rope swing. Yeah, we all tried it and nobody fell into the water.

We pretty much wandered the park for most of the day. The worst part was probably this dumb route we took that led to a small ocean crossing. I thought I would jump it rather than wade through the water like the rest of my Oregon Trail loving friends. I hit land but the sand was so hard that i stumbled back into the water soaking my jeans, shoes, socks, and pride. If your ever in Virginia Beach just leave. If you cannot maybe try heading to this park like we did.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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