Five Steps to Renovate Your Caravan Under a Budget

Five Steps to Renovate Your Caravan Under a Budget

Affordable and comfortable, caravans or recreational vehicles

have made traveling highly popular among retirees, families, and adventure seekers who plan to take off on the open road. The personal freedom that being on the road with the comforts of a home with you at all times allows a lot of people to explore when they want to and stay put and enjoy some more if they choose to. This makes traveling completely personal from the destination to the itinerary, thus making it affordable and unrestrained by accommodation and transportation costs.

When traveling in a caravan however, one thing that most travelers struggle to do is to incorporate their personality into their vehicle. You can throw in a few small things here and there, sure. However, there is a misconception that in order for you to get a really nice ride, you have to buy a brand new, high-end, high-tech recreational vehicle that can be mistaken for a Transformer. Styling your mobile home is easier than you think, just look at this family’s caravan makeover under a budget

, accomplished right before the holidays.

Here are some tips in transforming your caravan into a real home on the road:

  1. Give it Purpose – Before anything, think of what your priorities are for the caravan. Will you need it to be child friendly somehow? Are you thinking of bringing along guests every now and then? Do you need more storage than accommodations? Consider what you need the van for so you can make sure that your renovations will be perfect for your future use.
  2. Stick to a Budget and Timeframe – Set a travel goal for yourself, and work around that travel goal. Whether it is a birthday or an upcoming holiday, having something to work towards always motivates people to work faster and more cost-efficiently.
  3. Re-use – If you want to put in a nice kitchen, do as the Wilson’s did and try to look for cupboards that you no longer need at home, or other things that you can incorporate into your RV from a previous project or from thrift shops.
  4. Let the light in – Consider lighter shaded upholstery and interior paint. The interior will be mostly dark even with natural light coming in, and battery can be saved by only using the lighting at night. Redoing the upholstery in a lighter or bright neutral shade can help out with these challenges.
  5. Add a Layer to Your Floor – Putting in a lino type covering on the floor instead of carpeting can help you mop and sweep out dirt easier. You have to remember that on the road you’ll be getting on and off the vehicle countless times, which will also make your vehicle more prone to getting dirty.

Seeking to find the treasures of the open road can be a very enjoyable journey if your vehicle is able to really match your interests and comforts. You don’t need to spend so much to make this happen. With personality and a little bit of elbow grease, you can get exactly what you want out of your travel trips.

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