Five Ways to Fly First Class and Pay Less


Middle class people who want to travel with the comfort of first class flights are always looking for cheap fares. Of course, everyone wants to avail all benefits of the first class flights without paying too much.

Here are five cheap way to enjoy first class flights.

Early Online Check-in

The most favourable time for an online check-in is 24 hours before the flight time. This is the time when the cheapest upgrades are available. In order not to miss the period of discounted upgrades set an alarm, otherwise you may lose your chance, as there are lots of other passengers wishing to have affordable premium seats.

The reason why airline companies offer low-priced upgrades is because they have not sold pricey seats and want to earn at least something on them. So, once you notice a favourable offer – grab it right off the reel.

Second Check-in at the Airport’s Kiosk

Do not get upset if you have already checked-in online and didn’t find attractive upgrades. Use your second chance and swipe the card at the airport’s kiosk. At this point you can get even a better offer than during an online check-in. If not all premium class seats are sold at this moment, you have an opportunity to purchase a discounted upgrade.

Look for an Anxiously-Looking Gate Agent

When waiting near the gate area, pay attention to the gate agents

. Once you notice an anxiously-looking gate agent with a pencil and a pad of paper, this could be your lucky chance. These agents may offer extremely cheap last minute first class upgrades. Generally, an agent writes a price of an upgrade on the pad and shows it to a passenger, if you are satisfied with the offer – grab it. Also do not hesitate to ask if there are any upgrades available, until someone else has not used your chance.

Join a Frequent Flyer Program

Though this method

is very effective, it will suite only passengers flying thousands of miles a year. If you fly a lot, you can become a member of a frequent flier club. Members of these clubs are always offered various bonuses and extremely favourable deals that help save much money.

Compare Prices and Get Professional Help

A tried-and-true method of finding cost-efficient first class deals is undoubtedly price comparison. Take time to compare airfares from different airline companies or assign this task to an experienced company like This company specialises in finding cheap last minute business class

airline tickets, and will help you get the most suitable offer irrespective of where you  fly.

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