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Fly to Edinburgh, Fight Dragons

A friend of mine here in London recently took a bus trip to Edinburgh with a well known discount bus line. They lost his luggage. On a BUS.

Luckily, he didn't bring much with him. Also luckily, it's Edinburgh he was going to. So he had an awesome time, regardless if he was toothbrushless. (And I hear they have those in Edinburgh, so really, no harm done.)

That being said, I choose to fly to Edinburgh. It's ten hours on a bus, and given how many cheap airline tickets to Scotland there are in the UK, it's definitely worth looking into flights to Edinburgh



I flew into the airport, and after getting off the plane and easily securing my luggage, I headed for the Old Town. Now, living in London for the time being, I am used to old historic buildings. But I was still marveling at the architecture and beautiful, seemingly magic-infused buildings that stand next to modern in Edinburgh. 

I strolled down the Royal Mile, soaking in the sunshine and imagining how the ten year old version of me would grab any nearby stick and immediately turn it into a sword via a sugar fueled imagination and start waving it around at menacing trees/dragons. Most of the buildings are from the 16th century, and the road is book-ended by Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. 

There's lots more to see, of course,but I just want to add that there is also an amazingly modern Art scene in Edinburgh, that I loved but that ten year old me would be bored by. And there's a party scene that would make the ten year old me….confused.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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