Fresh-from-the-porta-john handshake with the Governor

Fresh-from-the-porta-john handshake with the Governor

On a recent trip to Mexico so generously sponsored by the government I attended a fancy schmancy lunch with important Mexicans like the governor of Veracruz and the Mexican secretary of tourism. It was the kind of party that you arrive in by BOAT! Yep.

Why was I in Mexico or even at such a fancy party? That information and the story behind my fully sponsored trip to Mexico is for another time. For now let me demonstrate the fanciness of this party, similar to the time I was lucky enough to attend a Colombian high society party

at the local country club.

This post is about my strange encounter with Javier Duarte

, current governor of Veracruz, Mexico. After coming out of the porta-potty I noticed a big crowd around the governor of Veracruz in Mexico. I handed my camera to a journalist and asked him to photograph me trying to pose near him. Then a gringo friend said, “photo photo photo, PAR FAVOR”.

The governor looked our way and so I jumped past the paparazzi and shook hands with the governor.

I was planning to make a quick exit because he does not give a crap about me but then forty cameras starting snapping photos of us so I stuck in there for a nice photo opp 🙂

Just to recap, immediately after using a Mexican porta-potty I ambushed the governor with an extended fresh-from-the-porta-john handshake. Get it?

I must have made such an impression on the Veracruz governor that he sent me a personalized gift basket to my hotel room with a limited edition bottle of rum.

Gracias Senor Governor!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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