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I don’t have the urge to rush through London. Settling here temporarily means I am able to choose one area at a time to visit.  I feel less pressure having to visit the biggest sites the city has to offer. This article is about those random places. Some are of course overly touristy but others come from normal scenes around London.  Does that idea make sense?

I liked the idea of resting my feet in this spot. Something about sitting between Roosevelt and Churchill makes me feel oddly important. They say both of their knees are extra shiny because of millions of tourists who have placed their hands on the leaders’ knees. Creepy? You can find these guys in Mayfair, where Old Bond Street meets New Bond Street. History lesson – the statue is called “Allies”, given by the Bond Street Association to signal 50 years of peace. The Sculptor, Lawrence Holofcener, created this landmark which was unveiled on 2 May, 1995, by Princess Margaret.

Ever hear people use the word posh? London can be very posh. See below. Jeff De Bruges is a gourmet chocolate shop on South Molton Street, a few minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station or Bond Street tube station. And this is a chain! Puts some American chains to shame, right?

Would you say this is just another set of brick buildings? Maybe, but like most places in London they have character. It’s a converted house which dates back to the 18th Century, and once had links with the tailors of Savile Row. Now it’s just Mews of Mayfair.

This kind of tourist stand is nothing new. You will find them all over London, especially near the big sites like the Tower of London or Big Ben. But I wonder what person would but one of those umbrellas. Or the t-shirts, which are just so boring. It’s these kind of products which makes me think that if I could somehow obtain that locations my tourist stand would make a killing. Rather than importing boring shirts from China i’d hire some poor student to design some new, but still conservatively designed London t-shirts.

Just showing how dumb I can look sometimes!

As an “Anthropologist” (kidding), I observed that Londoners drink cider more than any other culture. Don’t know why. It’s really not to great.

Remember when I wrote if only I could find some poor designer my t-shirts would make a killing? I think I found my designer for my fictional new business.

I couldn’t help it. I had to take a “Mind the Gap” photo. It is possibly the most famous phrase associated with London.

Some individuals and groups set up tents in London’s Trafalgar Square to protest or promote anything from peace to the war in Iraq. Wonder how that’s coming along?

London has style. These horses are probably impractical and a little to expensive. But as a tourist its a nice site to mounted police in London just for the aura. I hear they have these as an easy to see deterrent to crime.

Near my flat is White City is this building. Its the office of a media company near the BBC. “Hello. We’re ugli. You could be too.” I love it!

Near Abbey Road is this graffiti. If anyone knows who that person is i’d be interested to know.

And back to a normal scene is this big wok of Spanish Paella. I never liked it much but it does look delicious. Also a good place to go for London theatre breaks

since it is so central to the theatre area.

All from a day in London.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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