From Buenos Aires to Uruguay

Alex and I waited for the train that would take us to the Retiro, the main transportation center in Buenos Aires. From Retiro we drove in a taxi to Puerto Madero to purchase tickets that would take us on a ferry across the river to Uruguay.

Uruguay is a tiny country next to Buenos Aires and when you look at the two countries there really are only few differences. At least to a tourist like myself only visiting for a long weekend.

The view from the Buquebus ferry in Buenos Aires’s port

Leaving Buenos Aires, Argentina by boat to Colonia, Uruguay.

I thought this older gentleman smoking his pipe was especially classy!

At some point during the 2-3 hour boat ride to Colonia some on-board entertainers held a dance contest and Alex was the first to volunteer. They entertainers paired him up with hyper middle-aged women that looked way to excited to be dancing with him.

And what you can partially see now are the many people watching from upstairs.

It got a bit wild.

While Alex did not win he still received a free beer for participating. The next photo is off the boat where the staff herded anyone going to Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo into buses.

Finally in Montevideo we are dropped off ear our hostel in one of the city’s many plazas.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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