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Fun things to do while being stuck at the airport

If you’re stuck at the airport because of delayed flight or you were just too early to check in before your flight, then there’s plenty to do at the airport to pass and fill in your time

Learn something

If you think you need to learn more about playing poker to improve your game then make use of those couple of hours while waiting for your flight. To start with, you can log in to a free poker site and enjoy some rounds of free poker, and learn some new strategies. If you’ve been playing poker, you just log in to some mobile casinos with free poker games and use the idle time to polish your poker skill.  Logging to a DIY auto-servicing site is also a good way to kill time while learning how to change tire, how to install battery and other simple DIY auto mechanics.

Learn a language

It is necessary to learn something about your place of destination in order to avoid getting into trouble. You can read information manuals from your travel agency or read it via your smartphone apps. Because your smartphone allows you to do almost everything, you can download travel information, traveler’s map and learn a few foreign words or useful phrases to help you have better communications with the folks of your place of destinations. Practicing how to correctly say a foreign word helps you forget about time and get yourself equipped for your travels. You can download a foreign language dictionary and while passing time, you can browse some words that would be useful when you reach your destination. You can also download podcast of the language and learn it through video or audio file.

Play games

With your smartphone, it’s easy to kill time by playing games like Angry Birds. Play with much gusto and break your previous game record. You can also log in to your favorite Virtual world game and enjoy some real time chat with your co-players. You can also enjoy some card games like Solitaire or board game like Mahjong. In addition, if you’re in gambling mood, you can log in to any mobile bingo or casino and play in your favorite poker or blackjack room. If you want to enjoy more, this site mobile-casinos.org.uk

has mobile casinos games that will keep you preoccupied and enjoy the idle moments.  If you want to play just for fun, you can always go to a free poker site and enjoy unlimited poker while waiting for the announcement of your flight.

Plan your meal

If you think you’ll be stuck at the airport more than you expect, grab your phone and loosen yourself in planning your meal. You can download free meal planning apps like Ziplists that allows you to find exact ingredients in your desired recipe and all is done with few clicks. You can also get help from Foodgawker (it’s free for iPhone only) with its wide range of food blogs  giving complete recipes and food planning while looking at those beautifully photographed dishes. The Food on the Table app (it’s free for iPhone and android) helps you to find the best food deals and also helps itemized your grocery lists for the week. When you reached your destination, with Food on the Table apps it’s easy to locate where to shop for your groceries as well as you’ll receive recommendations for the best in-store sale items. Planning your meal will surely take off the toll of waiting while liberating you from an everyday chore.

Being stuck at the airport could be the worst thing that could happen to a traveler however, smart travelers who know how to kill and pass time will survive even the longest hours of waiting at the airport and it just a matter of choice between being smart and being an annoyed traveler.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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