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Furnishing a Temporary Home


So many people are world nomads these days. I’m one

. I find myself traveling from one country to another without a major plan in mind, just a deadline.  This is the same for many other freelancers, expats, contractors, and soul searching travelers.

However, unless you are incredibly rich or living on daddy’s money (which we don’t all have the luxury of), you need to stay put in a country for weeks, even months time. It makes more financial sense to immerse in one country’s lifestyle and culture for a small amount of time and to make the most out of your plane ticket.

When doing this, the smartest way to approach accommodations is to find temporary housing. Depending on the length of your stay, you can rent on a weekly basis or monthly on a contract. The problem is, most times temporary housing provides very basic furnishings. I had a friend who enrolled to study in a culinary school in Asia. He rented an apartment that had sufficient furnishings, but wouldn’t allow him to practice at home. He was hesitant to buy new things for a place he wouldn’t stay in for more than a few months.

Whether it’s big pots for cooking or a couch for entertaining, you’d be nuts to make any kind of investment on your temporary home. Here are three ways to get around this problem:

1. Borrow stuff – If you have enough friends in this new country, put it out there. Let them know that you are willing to rent people’s things for a few months. Taking advantage of your network can also create new friendships for you!

2. Find a second hand listing

– You can get whatever furnishings you need without having to spend so much on it. All you have to do is search in the right places. The internet is the best place to do this, obviously, as you can get testimonials about the sellers. You also get to sell them online when you need to move on to the next country.

3. Scope around your network. –  It might sound like virtual begging for furniture, but don’t underestimate the power of a great social network. Post a status message of what you need online. You’ll be surprised at the number of references and recommendations you will get for cheap or free stuff!

Wherever in the world you live for now, it pays to be smart about your spending and living conditions. You can live to the fullest without spending all your dough.

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