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I’ve been writing a good deal about London recently. That’s mainly because I love London. But while exploring England I found some really fantastic rural areas that I just can’t believe I had never heard of before. One of those is Derbyshire and the Peak district. I like to hike, but I’m not a super intense, mountaineering type hiker. I like a fairly strenuous stroll. I like seeing the countryside, with bits of upward climb thrown in here and there. That’s why I love Derbyshire and the Peak district.

Of course there are every kind of hike imaginable around the Peak District. Many of the trails are hundreds of miles long, which makes me finally understand the British tradition of the “walking tour” that poets like Wordsworth participated in. Many of these trails are part of the sprawling Peak District National Park, the first national park in the British isles. The park is huge, over 500 square miles. It’s so big and multi-faceted, with so many villages and geological formations, that you need a lot of time to see it all. It’s a perfect place for a family vacation (or holiday), so I would recommend renting a peak district cottage

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are a great time, especially if you’re used to walking only if you can’t find a cab.

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