Girls have Shopping, Guys have Shaving?

When the girls get together, many times they’ll head out to the mall or to a local store to engage in some “retail therapy.” While women have shopping, guys often don’t have that go-to activity that helps them relax and unwind. In the past, men would venture down to the local barbershop to get a haircut and a classic shave. In today’s society, this really isn’t that common of a thing to do. However, it is definitely something that should still be considered as a great way to relax and get cleaned up.

Self-Portrait Shaving

Getting a Shave

Nowadays, it might seem like a strange thing to allow someone else to shave you. With this process, the barber uses a very sharp razor blade and shaves your face and neck for you. He typically utilizes warm shaving cream and gives you a shave unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. If you thought that you could get a close shave with your razor at home, you’ll probably be very surprised with this type of shave. Your face will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Why No One Does It

There are several reasons why guys don’t really get into barber shop shaves anymore. For one reason, it really isn’t available in that many barbershops anymore. To be able to get a shave, you’re going to need to go to an old-school barbershop

in many cases. There are usually some older barber shops in most areas that still practice this old tradition. Even some of the newer barbershops that have come out are offering the service as a throwback to the “good old days.”

Another reason that some people are little bit apprehensive about getting a shave is that they are scared to let someone else close to them with a big razor knife. They don’t like the idea of some other person shaving around their neck or face with a big knife. This is obviously a natural reaction, but you really shouldn’t be concerned with it. The guys who offer this service definitely know what they are doing, and they have been doing it for years.

The next time you and the guys need to go out and do something fun, why not go to your local barbershop and get a nice shave? It can really help set the tone for the rest of the day or night.

Girls have Shopping, Guys have Shaving?
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