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The Go-To Destinations for a Luxurious yet Adventurous Holiday in Europe

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When you talk about adventure holidays it perhaps conjures up images of camping in a tent, roughing it under the stars or spending all day climbing mountains. But that’s where you’re wrong.

Companies like Eurocamp

offer stylish, high-quality accommodation in beautiful settings, which provides you with a luxurious holiday home from which you can enjoy all your adventures. On the doorstep of a number of great locations in Europe, you and the family can embark on your next adventure in style and comfort.

Here are just some of the best destinations

on offer in Europe:

Discovering Wildlife in Spain

More than half of the Iberian peninsula used to be home to the Iberian lynx, but today, the world’s rarest cat can only be found in two remote locations. These are the Andújar national park (in northern Andalucía) and the Doñana national park (located just south of Seville). In both parks you can enjoy a number of adventures, whether you go on a guided hike or opt for a 4×4 safari. During your time there you’ll hopefully capture a glimpse of the elusive lynx, while also spotting other wildlife such as Spanish imperial eagles and mouflon wild sheep.

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Hiking in Italy

A lot of people venturing to Capri, Positano and Sorrento won’t move much further than the picturesque town centres. Even though these are wonderful places to visit, they’re nestled amongst an undiscovered landscape that’s full of ancient mountain tracks and stunning lemon groves, filled with green lizards and peregrine falcons. To explore this area you might like to try some walking routes which will take you high up above Positano. Other walks take you around different areas of Capri, through Punta Campanella or you might even like to try the daring walk to the southern tip of the peninsula.

Canyoning in Corsica

The French island of Corsica is renowned for its stunning beach holidays, but for the adventure holidaymaker, it’s got so much more to offer you. With over 50 summits reaching above 2,000 metres, it’s perfect for a challenging hike (you’ll find the toughest one in Europe on the GR20 trail). Or, if you like climbing or canyoning, there are plenty of adventure holidays available to suit you too. Scrambling and abseiling down cliffs, diving into rivers and discovering the hidden gems of Corsica, this is the perfect way to explore this beautiful island.

With so many diverse landscapes on offer in Europe, there are plenty of places just waiting to be discovered. And the best bit? You don’t have to sacrifice your luxuries to enjoy some of these adventures.

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