Golan Heights Off-Road

Between the border of Israel and Syria lies the Golan Heights.

Vrooooom…was the sound all 40 plus of us imagined in our heads while waiting in the jeeps about to start our “offroad tour” of the Golan Heights. I should mention for reference that the Golan Heights is an area in the north which came under Israeli control as a result of the 1967 Six-Day War. From the sound of it we would be speeding over jagged rocks and through streams. But when you line up 10 or more jeeps with a staff member in front it becomes anything but a race.

Imagine the setting of a child’s party. Say they rented a pony for children to ride they would have an staff member holding its leash while the pony walks ever so slowly. That about sums up our jeep experience through a small path by the Golan Heights.

Whenever you know something has the potential to be so exciting its hard not to try and take advantage. In our case we did this by going slow enough to build a large gap between the jeep in front of this. When we had enough space one of the drivers in my jeep slammed the pedal. We encouraged the driver as we splashed into the puddle. As we passed through we hit a small corner and thats where we lightly smashed the jeep in front of us.

What can you do, right?


The tour guide was pissed. What I liked more than the crash is the cultural experience of witnessing an angry Israeli. The result of the damage was a smashed hood. At this point I took over driving duties as we rode on.

The crash made the tour guide even more cautious as we drove back to the base like an old lady. Scratch that. Combine the old lady with a protective mother in a minivan and that is more like it.

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