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Great things to do in Athens, GA

Athens is a quaint city located an hour and a half away from Atlanta, that has a whole lot of history and beautiful sights to visit. It’s also got a lot of awesome things to do there, and most of them won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  1. Cultural experiences

Athens has deep culture in music, sports and art that are displayed with great integrity in many different museums, galleries, and theaters around the city. The University of Georgia houses a couple of the museums, like the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall Sports Museum, Georgia Museum of Natural History, and the Georgia Museum of Art. Other places in the city like The Classic Center, is home to the Athens symphony, headlining entertainers, and even Broadway productions.


  1. Tour the city

Located in the South, all of Georgia is home to much of the United States history, and Athens is no different. If you want to learn about the heritage, there are many different tours and historical landmarks around the city that will give you every detail you could ever want. The Athens Welcome Center has Classic City Tours

that provides a full range of options. Whether you’re with a group or individual, they will provide transportation and you have the option to choose a self-guided tour, a guided tour, or maybe customize something that’s unique to your needs. If you want to see a beautiful historic city, that’s definitely the place to start.


  1. Spa day

After all of that hard walking and fine dining, make sure you schedule an appointment to get pampered. The Foot Palace

is a spa that makes sure that your feet are up to the challenges that you put them through everyday, and they are affordable so you can look great without breaking your wallet. If you don’t remember to make an appointment for a massage or something else it’s okay, walk-ins are accepted there, and you’ll be sure to go back whenever you’re in town. There are other spas that will make you feel like a goddess – or god- but for a quick stop to pamper those feet, the Foot Palace is a definite must.


  1. Shop ‘til you drop

Of course nothing says vacation like shopping in some one of a kind stores like Athens has to offer. 5 different neighborhoods around the town have a variety of unique shops to offer. In downtown Athens

there are Victorian-era houses that have been converted into a mix of specialty shops and artist studios that still hold that historic value. If you’re looking for something more modern, Beechwood and the Georgia Square Mall have numerous different fine dining restaurants, as well as department stores, cinemas, and specialty shops to choose from.

Like all cities, Athens has a lot to offer, and is rich in culture and modern conveniences. Next time you’re heading to Georgia, try to stop in Athens for a day or two and experience what the city has to offer.

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