A Guide to Surviving an Airport Layover


Almost every traveler has experienced an epic airport layover at least once in their life. If you are one of the lucky ducks who has avoided the infamous layover, all I have to say is, your time will come! But, luckily for you, layovers don’t have to be that bad. In fact, they can be amazing! Here are some tips to help you turn your wait, into an airportcation.

Go on a walk, and stretch those legs

You have been, or are going to be stuck in the seat of your plane for a while. An airport layover is the perfect time to go on a stroll, and move your body. Take the opportunity to see what kind of unique amenities your airport has to offer, you never know what you may find. Walking around the airport is also a great chance to do some people watching. Whether it’s the person sprinting down the hall to catch a flight, or that guy who decided that busy pathway would be a great napping spot, there is always something to see.

Get pumped for your journey with travel flicks and shows

With many airports now offering free Wi Fi, it is much easier to access all of your favorite shows and movies. At international airports you may need to use a VPN

to get around certain restrictions. Once that is done, you are on your way to hours of entertainment.

Binge watching the entire series of Friends will definitely keep you entertained, but try something a little different. Why not tune into shows like Anthony Bordain: Parts Unknown, travel movies like The Best Marigold Hotel, or Leonardo Dalessandri’s stunning short film on Turkey. This will keep you entertained during your wait, and get you excited for your journey to come.

Make yourself purdy


Travelling can take a lot out of you. That’s why some airports are offering everything from nail salons to spas where you can freshen up with a facial or try a new hairdo. Airports are making it very easy to survive a layover. Some destinations are even offering refreshing oxygen sessions

along with their other spa treatments. 

Go Wine Tasting

Wine tasting? In an airport? That’s right! Over the last few years airports have really stepped up their game. Airports all over the world have opened up wine bars

, where airport guests can taste and buy wine, and maybe even order a yummy cheese plate. Grab a book, or make a friend, and let time pass by. A glass of wine or two can even help with those flying jitters.

Sample some airport delicacies


Overpriced fast food, and unhealthy munchies are usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about airport food. Thankfully, times have changed, and airports have expanded their menu. Today, you can find anything from Thai food trucks

to fancy oyster bars.

Take some time during your layover to look up the best food spots in your airport. It will help you pass the time, while also possibly finding the best meal of your trip.

Get your last minute souvenir shopping in

Countless times I have gotten to the airport to realize I forgot to buy a souvenir for my friends and family. When travelling, the last thing on your mind is a gift for friends. An airport layover is the perfect time do all of the shopping you never had time for on your trip. However, airport prices can get a little high, but sometimes you can find a good deal with duty free items


Hopefully by this point you are ready to survive the longest of layovers. With airports adding new amenities every day, you are sure to find plenty of ways to pass the time. Now surviving that plane ride is a whole other story.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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