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Gumbet- The Hidden Gem of Turkey

These days you can choose from many sun-drenched destinations as the background to your summer fun – an upcoming venue is the Turkish town of Gumbet.

Bodrum 8

Once a sleepy fishing village on the south-coast, Gumbet is now a glittering summer hotspot, with famous nightlife attracting the Club 18-30?s crowd.

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Aside from nightlife, one of Gumbet?s main attractions is its large, sweeping beach, with crystal clear, warm sea – perfect for cooling down in the intense summer heat. And intense it is, with peak temperatures reaching the 40?s. Thankfully, Gumbet?s location means there is usually a breeze, offering a little respite from the heat. Remember your sun-cream!

The beach is of course the main day-time focus, with plentiful water-sports available, including parasailing and windsurfing for adrenaline-seekers. If you fancy a day at sea, jump on one of the many boat-trips, with some great all-inclusive trips to be had. Make sure you haggle your price from vendors, you might save yourself a few more Lira! There are also scuba-diving and snorkelling opportunities, enabling a visit to some of Gumbet?s underwater residents.

More often than not, Gumbet?s holidaymakers spend days lying in the sun, recovering from the night before. Sun-loungers are plentiful and free along the beach, provided you buy a drink from the adjacent bar.

A popular day out is to nearby Kargi Beach, or Camel Beach. Here you?ll find a beautiful stretch of sandy beach, with the opportunity for camel rides ? certainly an experience! Explore the small resort, with a few cafes and bars, and some interesting shops to buy a few trinkets, including the obligatory Turkish delight.

Aladdin's Cave

For an alternative cool-down, the nearby Dedeman aquapark, heading towards Bodrum, is a great fun day out, with many slides and water rides.

The cosmopolitan town of Bodrum is around 30-45 minutes away and accessible by bus link from Gumbet. Here you can explore the famous Bodrum castle with its museums and stunning view from the top. Remember your camera!

However, when night falls, Gumbet wakes up and comes very much alive! A huge range of bars and clubs with typical neon lights and pumping music vie for your attention, providing the perfect holiday party backdrop. You?re spoilt for choice, with something here for every kind of party person.
If you?re after a quieter evening however, maybe head to Bodrum to one of the classy seafood restaurants, although Gumbet itself offers many delicious restaurants with traditional and international cuisine on offer. Try some traditional Turkish food whilst you?re here, it?s delicious and very good value for money. Perdeli pilav is one of my favourites, a delicious dish of chicken, onions and peanuts, wrapped in dough. Yum!

Bodrum Castle, Turkey

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So, party all night and sleep all day? Gumbet is perfect for that, yet so much more besides. Maybe you should explore this Turkish delight this summer?

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