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Halloween for Gringos

Sometimes us gringos think we are the only ones who celebrate holidays. Not only do Colombians celebrate Halloween and Valentines Day, but also others like friendship day for instance. During Haloween 10′  my rooomates and I celebrated at Medellin’s gaudy nightclub, Mango’s. Mango’s always outdoes itself, whether the horse head urinals or dancing midgets.

Get ready…

Upon entering the nightclub we are greeted with goodies like free bags of candy, popcorn, and cotton candy.

Here I am enjoying my treats with two good friends from Honduras and Ecuador who came all the way to visit me this weekend. We all met in Argentina in Spring 2009. Since then I visited one of them In Ecuador and I know this won’t be the last time we all meet again.

I can’t figure out whether I am transported back to 7th grade Bar and Bat-mitzvah’s. That is until a midget chases us with a moving chainsaw.

While everyone is dressed to the max some don’t seem to enjoy scaring people.

But if dressed like this clown all you need to do is be present and soon enough you’ll hear a few muffled screams from us clubgoers.

I told you the bathroom’s were elaborate. Check it.

I can’t claim this photo makes the party look crazy or anything. But at times things got out of hand in a good way. I recall jumping on another stage with a few friends and other clubgoers to dance regaeton, a latin version of hip hop.

This photo is more like it.

The attention to detail is just wow. It’s like the club rounded up all of the city’s midgets in one place.

And finally the costumes were silly, sexy, and disturbing.

I will leave it at that.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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