Hampton Court Palace Exploration

This post is a flashback to the days I was living in dreaded London. London is big on palaces and castles. Not that anyone really lives in them anymore. One such place is the Hampton Court Palace in the suburbs of London.

Leaving from Central London we took a combination of the tube, over-rail, and bus to travel to the palace which cost nothing more than a daily tube card. Upon arriving we made a plan to pretty much run through the palace since we were short on time before it would close. We grabbed audio guides and my friends also grabbed some medieval clothes that Hampton Court Palace hands out to all its guests. I was feeling a little lame that day so I opted to remains in my jeans andwinter coat. Yes, even in the spring you often need to wear a winter coat.

The palace is one of the best for children as there is enough interesting rooms and interactive exhibits to keep those who hate museums engaged throughout most of the visit. I found it much better than most typical museums. The architecture is unique and being able to walk through the palace’s ornate rooms made me feel somewhat royal. If I could live out of a hotel like this Palace I might actually enjoy the United Kingdom. I figure wen I can use a booking website likeĀ  Venere.com when looking for Edinburgh hotels

or palaces.

At one point live actors staged a scene

in an excellent British medieval accent.

One room we walked through was the kitchen with fake food supposedly common during those times.

Once outside on the palace grounds we were able to wander…I only wish we brought picnic supplies to Hampton Court Palace


And here is what I look like, unhappy living in London.


The palace also had a collection of these cute little trees the size of my hand!

And then I found more than were three times the size of me.


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