Have a Las Vegas Experience

Have a Las Vegas Experience

When someone thinks carefree epic fun nights, no other city pops up in your brain faster than Vegas would. Even if you’ve never been, this fabulous place is known for the sinfully amazing fun time that it represents. It is every bachelor and bachelorette’s last chance at sin, and every group of friend’s dream night out. Vegas is sin incarnated. A good kind of sin, but still the kind that you’d want to keep among yourselves. You know what they say… what stays in Vegas.

So where do you go when at Vegas?


The tallest building in Nevada is Stratosphere, a building that justifies its name. While this won’t be the tallest building you will ever be on in your lifetime, you won’t be in another one that features a trio of hair raising thrill rides at the very summit. A definite must not miss if you’re a thrill seeker or secretly a 12 year old boy deep inside. Maybe not the best first date place, be warned.

Caesars Palace

A place known in movies and other entertainment references, Caesars Palace is undoubtedly the most renowned casino of Sin City. Its elegance and extravagance is hard to match by any other Casino out there. If you are to gamble, you’d want to do it in style. Get the chance to live your spy thriller movie dream and cast yourself as a star.

Fremont Street

So you want to stray away from the top of mind spots? Go to Fremont street, the second most famous strip in Nevada after the Las Vegas strip. Check out the smaller restaurants, hotels and casinos out here and feel like a local.

What needs to be stressed is that Vegas not only sells the best of hotels and casinos, it sells experience. Take it from industry professionals like Sid Vaikunta

 who says that experience is everything. This city is built on this concept. So make sure you are in good company and ready to have the time of your life!

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Jason Bartoli

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