Held Hostage By Timeshares

I remember when I was a kid my parents got a timeshare. It was on the northeast coast of America, at a pretty little resort with an Indian name that looked over the water and had an amazing golf course. I was real young when they got it, but I remember my siblings and I had a great time playing in the pool, and by the water while my parents got a chance to relax.

Then things changed. First of all, my sisters grew older and never wanted to go hang out with the family anymore. Then we suddenly stopped being able to get prime summer time slots; we started going in October, sometimes even later.  I have memories of my Dad and I trying to play Golf on frozen ground while wearing gloves and wool hats. (Hey, at least we had the course to ourselves.) Eventually we stopped going altogether. Recently, I asked Dad about that timeshare.

He told me we stopped using it because us kids grew older and we couldn’t get good timeslots. He also said the rates and maintenance fees kept going up and it was nearly impossible to get out of the contract.

"We tried to sell it. We tried to get out of it. Nothing worked. That thing just bled us for years."

I was thinking about this when I came across Transfer America

, a company that specializes in getting people out of timeshare agreements. In fact, that’s all they do. They get you out of time shares so you don’t get bled dry from something you never use. I wish Transfer America had been around when my Dad was trying to get rid of his timeshare. Maybe I would’ve got better birthday presents if my parents weren’t throwing money away on timeshares.

Jason Bartoli

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