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High Risk Jobs That Can Make You Millions

Many people think that the key to wealth lay in working hard and saving money. And sure, the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates and even a number of pro poker players aren’t strangers to a little toil and sweat.

Yet to become truly wealthy, you also have to do things in the right way – which is why there are plenty of hard-workers out there, but very few millionaires. Here are a few high-risk ventures that pay off for a lucky few:

Pro gambling


11 years ago, the BBC reported the rise of a new breed of “9 to 5 gamblers”. These white-collar workers were making use of statistics and the power of the web to turn a profit


We also hear about lottery winners and the aforementioned poker stars, so it is clear that it can be done. Yet the numbers are so unfavourable that most of us would be foolish to even consider attempting to become rich through gambling.

Of course, to echo the words of a famous ad campaign, “you have to be in it, to win it”. With this in mind, you may wish to look around and join some online gambling sites in order to chance your luck.  Make sure you look for the best sign up bonus as this can help in maximising your winnings. The sign up bonus at Red Flush Casino

for example allows you to claim $1000 as a welcome gift. This extra money could be used to fully understand online games before putting your own money up.

When doing so, please bear in mind that the thing about pro gamblers is that they know when to throw in the towel and when it’s time to ante up again. So take a leaf out of their books and bet responsibly.

Start and a sell a successful business


Starting and selling a business is perhaps the most effective way to become rich. Many entrepreneurs, particularly in the tech sector, have become billionaires

when their companies went live on the stock market.

For most super-rich people, their road to wealth has taken years of hard work and in some cases disappointment. Yet as long as you can find a way to address a customer need as in the case of Uber founder, Travis Kalanick, then you may be on to a winner.

Property development


Developing, buying and selling property can be a real money-spinner. Beware though: you need a significant amount of capital to get into it and if it goes wrong, you could lose it all.

We recommend that you don’t skimp on quality, don’t go overboard or get greedy and do everything to the letter of the law. In the likely event that you have to borrow money, we would also advise you to look for a lender with the lowest rates.

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