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Holiday Fun in Medellin

The holidays are well over by now but its never too late to write about them. I’m not a religious person but there is something really pleasant about holiday time in December. It feels good.

Medellin is especially passionate about December. For instance, even December 1st is kind of important. During that time I was out celebrating on a weekday night in a full country bar styled disco, called a fonda in Colombia. At midnight the club set off fireworks and many cheered as if it they were dropping the ball on New Years Eve. The truth is they were just excited to welcome December, the month of many holidays.

On December 7th Colombians celebrate the next holiday for something having to do with Mary I think. On this day they light a bunch of candles. I went over to a friend’s home that night to drink and dance with the person’s family. But before meeting up with them I watched the Mitos y Leyendas

parade in downtown Medellin with a group of friends. All along Avenida Oriental a bunch of floats ranging from half naked monsters to fully clothed witches pass by on floats. We found a spot next to the TV cameras so every character made the ideal scary pose each time he or she passed.

Official Start of the Parade with drummers

and the last photo I took before my camera died.

Fast forward even more a few days later and the city of Medellin officially turns on the Christmas lights. I took a friend to the center to watch.

First up was a shadow dance accompanied with a live orchestra

The orchestra played all the Christmas classics

While listening to the live orchestra EPM, a huge company sponsors a light show

Once this all ends the city officially turns on the lights. A very short walk away by the river brings you to an elaborate display of public Christmas ornaments.

Vendors are out in full force taking advantage of the insane foot traffic. I know this popcorn vendor must have made enough to buy this year’s christmas presents.

This is just one aspect of December in Medellin. I have only celebrated the holidays in just a couple countries but I sincerely believe Medellin would make it onto any honest top 10 countries for the December holidays.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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