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Travelling is often perceived as an arduous and unpleasant necessity for most people. While there is always excitement concerning an ultimate holiday destination, or anticipation regarding an important upcoming business meeting, most of us still dread the prospect of having to endure airports, long plane, car, bus or train trips.

In addition, unfamiliarity with new locations means that travellers are sometimes clueless as to the appropriate transport methods or accommodation to use, restaurants to go to, or the relevant sights to see.

One of the best ways to avert boredom and depression during these long waiting periods and become more informed about the intricacies of a location is to download fun, stimulating and information-packed travel “apps”.

With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets currently growing in unprecedented popularity, apps have firmly emerged as the flavour of the day for 21st century technology junkies and, as is to be expected, there are a range of travel apps to suit any taste.

Here is a small glimpse into some of the best apps whilst travelling currently on the market:

Trip advisor

Landed in a destination and have no clue where to go, what to do or how to get there? Trip Advisor is the best way to solve these dilemmas. This app provides the simplest, most convenient and most streamlined way in which to find out about anything and everything in the place you are visiting. Before you even arrive, you can research which are the cheapest flights, which are best places to stay at, which are the most delicious restaurants to eat and which sights and attractions will add the most value to your trip.

Angry Birds

Since being released in 2009, this gaming app

has taken the mobile world by storm, with over 12million copies sold. The game is based on a relatively simple premise: players have to use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on various structures, with the ultimate intent of destroying all the swine perched on these posts. Those who have played this game can testify that the game is highly addictive and it is therefore the perfect game to wile away the hours during downtime while you are travelling.

Mobile Casinos

 While you may still be far away from the glitz and glamour of a casino as you travel, you don’t have to wait until your reach the blackjack table to partake in your favourite casino games. Online casino platforms have emerged in the last few years as a popular choice for gamblers and casinos on mobile platforms have particularly gained momentum.

You can now download mobile casino apps that will allow you to play poker, blackjack, roulette and slot games while you are travelling. The best part about these apps is that they are so easy to use, which is verified by Euro Palace’s instant play

option. These mobile casinos are so enjoyable that some players might even choose to avoid the land-based casinos once they have reached their intended destination.

Words with Friends

Scrabble has always served as one of the best means to pass the time during prolonged hours of inactivity. However, as much as people wanted to dive into their Scrabble habit during long trips, they would often find the process of carrying the rather large board and pieces too much of a burden.

Words with Friends could probably be considered as the Scrabble for the modern age and has the major advantage over its traditional predecessor in that it can be downloaded as an app onto kmobile devices. Another considerable boon for this app is that multiple players can enjoy this game at once, thereby ensuring that boredom on a wide scale can be averted during gruelling travel sessions.

Hundreds of other travel apps are being released on the market every month and gaining further prominence. Whether it’s for entertainment or practical purposes, there’s no doubt that you can’t leave home for a trip without first downloading handy travel apps.

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