How Business Cards Can Help You During Your Travels


For the frequent business traveler, managing contact information could be quite a hassle during their trips. While saving phone numbers and exchanging contact information is just a matter of a few taps on our smartphones, this mode of exchange can be just as ineffective as it is convenient.

This is because digital contacts do not hold any emotional or physical association with them to be remembered as being something out of the ordinary. They are just a bunch of numbers and characters, presented in the same way on your phone screen as hundreds of your other business contacts.

That is why, not only do digital contacts often get lost within a sea of other names once you save them into your phone, but they are too generic to be remembered right from the start.

And this causes you to often forget or simply misplace the information no matter how many characters you put into the “Name” field on your phone. After all, there are only so many instances of “paper supplier” or “travel agent” that you can remember from a business conference.

Meeting potential business partners, customers, or affiliates and then being unable to reach out to them is not only frustrating, but also detrimental to your business. It basically points out that all the networking you did over your travels was for naught, and you may as well have never shared the contact information.

While this poses a problem in gathering contacts, the issue gets even more profound when you are the one sharing your contact information that way. That’s where you are the one being forgotten and losing on business opportunities.

Not a very good prospect, is it?

Thankfully, there’s a tried, tested and viable approach to solve this problem. You have heard of it before.

It’s known as business cards.

Business Cards and Their Effectiveness Over Trips

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Business cards have been around as a communication and information exchanging device since a few centuries. They have served as an effective way to share, save and use contact information by businesses all across the world, and the digital revolution doesn’t seem to have changed it due to the aforementioned reasons.

That is why, it is highly important that you make use of this very crucial business device especially on occasions where you have a very clear need for it.

And thanks to modern stationery designers such as Basic Invite, getting business cards that serve the purpose you want out of them doesn’t come at the risk of feeling “dated”. In fact, you can actually use the customization options to flaunt your business’ individuality, and present its overall image in a manner that captivates your target market’s attention.

This sense of individuality and the striking appearance of your business cards could evoke a strong emotional or mental connection with your potential business partners, customers or affiliates over your travels, which is a surefire way to ensure that you don’t get forgotten once you get back home.

For instance, if you want to go with a minimalist approach, then you can use plastic business cards to show that part of your personality and your business’ clean and clear outlook on things. And if you want something a little more elaborate, then the choice is all yours with the option to decide from over 180 colors on each element of your business card.

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This means that you get almost unlimited color options, no matter the type of card you select.

Basic Invite also allows you to order custom, individual samples as soon as you have designed your masterpiece. This lets you “meet” your card in person, so you can know exactly what it looks like before you go on to order a complete batch for your usage.

The company also provides an array of different services that could go hand in hand with your business and personal stationery needs. With over 40 different colors of envelopes, exceptional foil cards, and the ability to record addresses online, Basic Invite could become your one stop shop for all your customized stationery requirements.

Keeping these factors in mind, if you are interested in switching over to business cards to see how they work out for you during your travels or simply want to update the design of your existing stationery, then don’t hesitate from ordering your personal business cards from Basic Invite today.

With the 15% off promotion that Basic Invite is currently running on its orders, this would be the time to update your business card inventory. Just remember to use the coupon code: 15FF51 – and you will have your magnificent business cards in your hands in no time.

Jason Bucowski