How OneLogin Can Help Companies to Thrive

How OneLogin Can Help Companies to Thrive

A Little Information About OneLogin

OneLogin is the company that offers a cloud-based login system. This is the system that enables a person to access data and applications at anytime, and she can access these passwords from any location. OneLogin also offers a Single Sign On product or SSO. This allows a user to sign on to their device just once in order to access all of her information. Only one password is needed for a user to access all of her applications in the cloud and behind the firewall.

This is an amazing product, because , because it does away with the confusion that so many individuals have when it comes to remembering all of their logins and passwords for different apps and websites. This Single Sign On software can help an individual increase her productivity on the go or at work. This product helps to make a new applications simple for organizations, and it frees up time and heightens security. Apart from the SSO system, OneLogin also offers a Multifactor authentication Software; this is also called MFA. This MFA

system is able to protect private and confidential information. It is what can prevent high profile breeches, and it can protect an organization from cyber attacks. Multifactor authentication is able to strengthen access control from anywhere.

Jack Shepherd’s Take on Security and Productivity

Jack Shepherd recently did an article about the importance balance between security and productivity for manufacturers. Manufactures have to be able to manage the roles of permission and access for a large amount of users. Apart from that, they have to be able to tackle the never ending risk to security and compliance. It can be a challenge for a company to be able to solve access problems, but with the right products, it is not impossible. To fully protect your online data you should use a smart VPN as described in this article 

by Anonymster

How OneLogin Can Help Companies to Thrive

Critical Issues That Security Teams and IT Teams Need to Consider

Users now are able to gain access to networks, applications, and the data of companies. This means that these companies need to have complex security system. The number of individuals who are accessing apps and data is continuously growing, so this could cause potential security threats, and keeping up with those threats can be expensive. It has been estimated that it could cost a company around $3.5 million to maintain high security for their clients. Apart from that, cyber attacks have become more common than ever. Cyber attacks can cost a company up to $750,000. Apart from that, companies can lose several of their clients because of lack of faith after a cyber attack. Savvy manufactures need to find ways to cut the cost of managing identity theft. There has to be away for a company to maintain security and at the same time maintain a good profit.

OneLogin Offers a True Solution

OneLogin offers a series of products that can truly revolutionize the sign on and the authentication process for companies and individuals. OneLogin offers products that are affordable, reliable, and simple to use. OneLogin’s technology is one-of-a-kind. It offers companies usability and security in a way that no other company has ever done before.

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