How The Web is Revolutionising Travel

How The Web is Revolutionising Travel


The web has had a transformative impact on virtually all aspects of our lives, and travel is no exception. Here are just some of the ways in which the internet has revolutionised the way we get around.

Easy to stay connected, from almost anywhere in the world

It seems hard to imagine now, but until relatively recently, travellers had to rely on postcards and the occasional phone call to communicate with people back at home. Now, they can chat to and message friends, family and colleagues instantly at the touch of a button. The best thing is, from emails and social media updates to cross-platform mobile messaging and video chat apps, these communication tools can be completely free and simple to use. Public WiFi specialists like Airangel WiFi

have honed their services to ensure that people can take advantage of secure, speedy and often free web connections. Whether they’re waiting in airports, relaxing in hotels or enjoying a drink in a café, holidaymakers and business travellers can keep in touch with people thousands of miles away with total ease.

Browsing and booking deals is now a doddle

Arranging travel is now easier than ever before too. Instead of having to go to travel agents to get the lowdown on the available options, people can peruse a plethora of deals on flights, hotels and more using their smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs. This means individuals are now free to make travel plans whenever and wherever they want. Also, this has driven up levels of competition between travel and accommodation providers, meaning there are now better offers available than ever before.

Less luggage

Gone are the days when people had to lug guide books and dictionaries around when they travelled to new places. Now, they can get all the information they need about their destinations of choice over the web. From details on tourist attractions to useful foreign phrases, holidaymakers have all the facts they need at their fingertips. They can also ditch heavy hardbacks in favour of slender e-readers and for music and movies, they can turn to their easy-to-carry electronics.

A host of apps to streamline the travel experience

Today’s traveller also tends to be better informed than their counterpart of yesteryear. There are now a host of apps available that can inform people about everything from possible disruption to flights to what the weather’s doing in their destinations of choice. Also, user-review websites like TripAdvisor give holidaymakers useful information on hotels, restaurants, bars and a whole range other of attractions, helping them to get the most from their experiences away from home.

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