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How to Avoid ‘Cigar Sickness’ for Beginning Smokers

For newcomer smokers who are not allergic to tobacco you will see these tips helpful in helping you deal with cigar sickness. Follow these tips:

When smoking you don’t swallow or inhale the smoke. Just simply puff and blow out all the cigar smoke gently out your mouth. It’s not a cigarette don’t smoke it like it. So many newbies make this mistake.

New smokers many times make the mistake of rushing their cigar. Do not smoke too fast. Take it easy and slow. You need not hurry or rush it. Some advice you puff on your swisher sweets little cigar slowly and calmly not more than one or two times per minute.

Draw gently and remain in control. You need not draw too hard on the cigar. It can choke you and get you discouraged to continue. If you notice your cigar is kind of packed too tightly. Some get partially plugged. If such happens just get another cigar. No need struggling with it.

Keep off strong cigars. As a beginner you are  to stay away from strong tobacco until you are strong enough for it. Don’t force yourself to it, grow patiently to the level where you can comfortably handle a strong one. Mild cigars are even less expensive and as a newcomer you don’t need to spend a fortune on cigars. You should go for cigars made with Connecticut Shade wrappers and mild Dominican filler tobaccos. They are mild and best for beginners.

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Don’t just pick a cigar and start puffing. Be sure it’s good for you. Ask your tobacconist for suggestions. Let them guide you on what to smoke and how to smoke it. Ask as many questions as possible. They are knowledgeable and vast in experience so they are best placed to inform and educate you.

Educate yourself. Don’t just be a smoker. Be an informed one. Read books, reviews, reports, research and recommendations about tobacco. You don’t need to be an expert in all these but a basic information about it is necessary.

It has been seen that there are people who when they eat before smoking they reduce or stop any chance of getting cigar sick. Try it and see if this works for you.

For some others drinking a beverage while smoking a cigar is what works for them. Try it and see if it works for you too.

Enjoying a good drink as you puff your cigar is a good way to enhance your cigar-smoking experience. But we see that beyond that it will help stop or reduce the chances of any cigar sickness.

Some drinks like coffee drinks, port, scotch, brandy, and some of those drinks made with coffee liqueurs, like Kahlua and Tia Maria, have been seen to perfectly accompany any cigar without altering the flavor.

These are important tips to try out as a beginner smoker. Especially if you’ve noticed a cigar sickness. Try them out and see which if all the above works well with you.

Jason Bucowski