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How to Find Bargain Holidays

Let’s face it, the travel industry can be a harsh mistress, especially in peak seasons like the holidays. Airplane companies, motels, and rental-car places take advantage of the fact that you have no choice but to use them to get to London, and jack up the prices, leaving less cash in your wallet for presents and Eggnog. There are, however, ways to beat the holiday budget blues. Online voucher code companies offer discounts on all kinds of things, and many provide special seasonal holiday discounts to find bargain holidays. During those holidays you may just pop into one of the many london bars

in the U.K. Travel agencies are usually willing to cut a deal during the stressful holidays, so when a voucher company partners with a travel agency, like with these travel vouchers, the result is maximum savings.

L'aéroport à Noël

Another way to save money is to book early. Like, now. Pre-Halloween, if possible. Prices get higher the closer to the holiday, because travel companies are cutthroat. This also lets you have first-pick of the most direct flights an avoid layovers because Murphy’s Law of Aiports states that you are most likely to have a long delay in a connecting airport that is neither your home, nor your destination. There’s nothing worse than flying from Chicago to Seattle and spending Christmas in Boise.

Fly out of the largest airport possible. Major airports offer more flights with more companies, and that means cheaper tickets. It’s simple economics. More competition = Lower prices. Just a little math to put you in the holiday mood.

So there you have it. Holidays don’t have to leave you begging for your tax return come January. Just be smart, use the tools available, and above all, be safe. The holidays are coming, no matter what the Grinch does. Spend a little less time worrying about money and a little more time trying to get under some mistletoe.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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