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How to Make a Perfect Cigar Cut

Cutting your cigar right is a skill you’ll have to master if you want to enjoy your smoking experience. Firstly let’s see some cigar cutters.

Guillotine: This is the most common cigar cutter. It attacks the cigar from both sides because of it double blade. It’s very durable and really effective. You can use one for many years.

Punch: It works a little differently from the others. It works like a bullet. Like it name it punches a straight hole in your cigar instead of just cutting.

Those who have mastered using it say it gives a better smoking experience. It’s less destructive to the cigar. It keeps your cigar full bodied. It’s also less injurious. Smokers have had their hand chopped off using other cutters. Though this tool is not so common but it’s effective. You’ll need to practice with it a few times to perfect using it.

Knife/Mouth: There are moments where you just need to smoke and your tools aren’t close. In such dire straits, it’s normal to improvise cutting your cigar.

If you have a pocket knife on you like most folks do, then you need not worry. You can still enjoy your cigar. Use your knife to make that crude but yet effective cigar cut. In the case where you have no pocket knife then your teeth will come in handy. This is crude but as long as it meets the present pressing need that’s just fine. Just bite the end off and there you go. If you make a bad cut you can just decide to smoke it backwards.

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1. Locate the Cap

The cap of a cigar is a small piece of tobacco on it end. It stylishly covers the cigar end and keeps it perfectly together. It’s not rocket science to locate. The cap is all you’re to cut. You’ll surprisingly still find old smokers who don’t know how to cut their little cigar well.

2. The Blades Should be Positioned Right on the Cigar Cap

The cutter should be properly positioned a couple of millimeters into the cigar cap head. It’s just a little you’re chopping off not much.

3. Make a Quick cut. Do it at once

If you are too tentative struggling with it you’ll end up with a flayed cut. To have a great smoking experience the way you cut the stick of cigar matters a lot. To have a great, clean and smooth cut do the cutting firmly and make it quick. It may end up not been really straight but it will be clean and leave little or no tobacco flecks that may most likely find their way into your mouth. Keep practicing cutting until you perfect it. There are smokers who have perfected the art of cutting cigars.

4. Using a Punch

Using the right cutting tool makes cutting easy and fun. Get the right tools and keep them handy. You shouldn’t allow a lack of the right tools affect your relaxation and fun. It doesn’t cost a fortune to get these tools.

Jason Bucowski