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How to Play Poker Online

The first step is to download the online poker software, which is small and should not take long to download even with the most archaic Internet connection.

Once you have downloaded the installation package, double-click on the icon to install the software.

At this time, you must create a user account (in some sites it is done before downloading the software).

You have to be at least 18 years old or the minimum age in your jurisdiction, which can be even more. There are ways to check the age, so don’t think about registering if you don’t meet the minimum age.

To deposit money on a DominoQQ poker site, a credit card or some type of prepaid card is usually required but there are some exceptions. Most sites accept cards such as Visa or MasterCard.

You should also be aware that certain poker sites are only licensed for some jurisdictions so you may not be able to play at all.

online poker 4518186 640

What types of games can you play?

There are a large number of poker games but each version has differences in the stakes, in the lanterns and in the value of the hands.

The most popular poker game is the Texas Holdem, which Doyle Brunson called “The Cadillac of poker.”

In No-Limit Hold’em you only receive two letters and try to combine them with the five community cards to form the best hand.

Hold’em is very simple to learn but very difficult to become a master in the world of poker.

Online poker tournaments

In poker tournaments, you pay a buy-in and get a specific number of chips. When you don’t have any more chips, you are eliminated from the tournament. The one who gets the most chips is the winner of the tournament.

Tournaments have become very popular thanks to the circuits of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT) and European Poker Tour (EPT).

Online poker tournaments are the cheapest to win a grand prize. There are many $ 10 buy-in online poker tournaments where you can win more than $ 200,000 for first place.

It is easy to find great online tournaments during the weekend that attract even more players than live tournaments thanks to the ability of the site to house so many people without the need for a physical space.

The famous Sunday Million of PokerStars is played every week and offers a prize pool of $ 1 million with a buy-in of only $ 215.

Sit & Gos

Sits & Gos are basically small tournaments, sometimes a single table or less, that start when there are enough players at the table. Sit & Gos start at any time on poker sites thanks to the large volume of players. Sit & Gos take less time than multi-table tournaments but the prizes are smaller. Once you start playing a Sit & Gos make sure you have read our series of the essentials of Sit & Gos.

Cash games

The cash games are the old format where you play poker with chips that have real value, with risks though. Once you have your chips, you can collect them whenever you want, which means you can play 10 minutes or 10 hours. Many players enjoy the flexibility of cash games versus tournaments where you are usually limited for a certain period of time.

Jason Bucowski